This site was written and created by UCLA nutrition professionals to help students eat well, be active, and feel good about their bodies. Our goal is to help prevent nutrition-related health problems (poor nutrient intake, eating disorders, overweight/obesity, and size prejudice) which can threaten students' academic and developmental success.

We are exposed to numerous diet books, fitness magazines, supplement ads, and testimonials from friends and family that give us conflicting information about what to eat and how to exercise. SNAC provides research-based information you can trust.

On this web site, you'll find:

  • Enough basic nutrition to get you through a casual conversation with a new friend while hanging out at Ackerman.

  • How to shop and cook college style!

  • How to work fitness and nutrition together.

  • The real deal on losing, gaining, or maintaining a healthy weight!

  • Info on what REAL bodies look like.  The kind of bodies that reflect the diversity of body types on our campus...not the body types the media usually shows.

Here's how to surf the site:

If you're looking for something in particular, check out the List of Topics (it's like an index) and look for your topic.